With the Adopt a Startup program, CIVI-CO approximates who creates actions for the common good of those who want to make these initiatives possible. Adopting a good idea is the first step to change. In order to maximize their chances of success, projects that seek support from the Adopt a Startup program must go through a public notice, and then are selected by a pool of professionals who specialize in social impact assessment.


Those chosen receive partially subsidized stay in the CIVI-CO for up to 12 months, in addition to receiving advice from qualified professionals in the most diverse areas. All thanks to the support of private investors, who pay the costs of the stay and the advice to the selected ones.


In addition to providing financial resources, these investors also collaborate in the training of the selected ones in periodic events, during which are presented details of the evolution of the projects and the social impact generated by each of them.


Imagine supporting the next idea that can change the world.